Over the 2019/20 summer the East Gippsland area of Victoria was devastated by bushfires, with many communities and farmers losing homes, sheds and livestock. The District 9800 Bushfire Relief committee has established a project to supply retired shipping containers to farmers to replace destroyed sheds, as a temporary measure. Funds raised by clubs are able to be matched by funds from the District 9800 Bushfire Relief committee through RAWCS. Through the generosity of our members Kardinia Rotary Club raised sufficient funds to supply 4 containers. 
On September 26th the Rotary Club of Kardinia coordinated the delivery of 4 shipping containers to the East Gippsland Bushfire Aid project. The club has worked on the project in coordination with the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale Sunrise, to ensure that our efforts were directed to the area of greatest need.
3 containers were delivered to Fennings timber yard in Bairnsdale, for subsequent distribution, by Container Space the supplier of the containers. The other was delivered by Mark Haby Motors direct to the Van DER Peet family in Sarsfield East. We thank all our partners in this project.
We also acknowledge the efforts of our members, President Henry Brockman who initiated the project, Nola Brimley who has taken a lead role in making the logistics happen, Graham Hobbs for donating the Rotary signage (prepared and installed by Insight Signs) and Steve Haines for the administration of the grants process.
We received the following letter from the Van DER Peet family;
Both my wife and I would like to thank you and your members, especially Mark and Nola driving such a long distance to deliver us a shipping container. We lost our shed with quite a lot of tools from the Sarsfield East Gippsland fires in December/January. Both myself, wife and son decided to stay and fight the fires since we were well prepared. Even though we still lost all our fencing, shed & carport, we managed to save our house. People often ask me would I do it again, and I answer yes but I express that you have to be well prepared both in mind and physically fitness and be well equipped. But most of all if all things go pear shaped you must have a last resort plan. In our case we constructed a bunker in 2006 and it gave my wife somewhere to go since it was all too much for her to handle at the height of fire front. I once again thank you and all your members and stay safe in these changing times.